Luxury Wool Duvet Autumn & Spring Weight 400gsm


Material: 100% NZ high quality wool after carding to give as much loft as possible; Luxurious soft white sateen cotton outer to provide extra comfort; All year round  weight 400gsm inner

  • Proudly Made in New Zealand
  • The perfect gift to keep the whole family naturally warm in winter , cool in summer.
  • These duvets have been constructed using a Wavy Chevron quilting pattern, a unique 5-layer design that secures the wool fill insulation in place preventing movement during the night
  • Wool is active, reacting to changes in ones body temperature to keep you warm when you’re cold but releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot
  • It has a large capacity to absorb moisture vapor and sweat next to the skin making it extremely breathable
  • With 25 years of experience, the team at Cana Care have built a reputation for quality and durability wool bedding products
  • The edges are triple stitched to ensure a long-lasting quality product..
  • Natural calico  reusable bag
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